I Believe In You

I want to tell you that
the road to happiness wasn’t
paved with gold.
It isn’t a cracked, but
okay for the most part, street.

The path to happiness is a long,
uphill stretch of blood and bones
and set backs.
You will reach a part in your recovery
where there is no way to jump
over this trench layed out infront of you.

I will tell you that if you fall,
even multiple times,
you’ll learn the ropes,
and this get easier.

but as long as you try,
I gaurentee you’ll beat this.

fresh eyes

sometimes I wish
I could meet everyone again.
when you’ve known someone for so long,
you forget how they looked when
you were strangers.

I want to meet you for the first time-
so I could fall in love with you,
all over again.


I saw galaxies in your eyes-
and I studied those
night skies
my telescope broke.

instead of looking to the sky
for my answers,
I looked into your eyes
for my hope.

I went through my days with anticipation
I dreamt of those galaxies and nebulas
until I got to see more of those

but the lights on your eyes have left
I don’t know where they could’ve gone.
your galaxy is dying,
and what a toll it had taken
for your eyes will soon be shut for good…

I’m making a YouTube channel!!!

so I’ve decided that soon, (as soon as I can find my floor and desk under my stuff) I will be making a YouTube channel of myself reading my poems the way I intended them to sound. reading a poem is beautiful but hearing it be said in the writer’s with his or her tone is really something else. I’ll keep you guys posted!

whispering in my ear.

this thing inside my skull,
it’s a brain.
it’s very special to me.
it shares with me and only me.

others try to guess what it
whispers into my ear,
I tell them they are wrong and
I tell them the beauty in its words.
but they are too caught up in
thinking that they are right about
the screwed up things they think
it’s saying,
that they forget
that they’re trying to guess
what it’s whispering
in my ear.

honey hues

would you believe
me if I told you
I see the world in black and white.
id give anything
just to see
the color of you irises.

id surrender my
skin to see earth tones and I
would sacrifice my blood to see red.
I would give away my money for
green and my water for blue.
I would harvest the sun for yellows
and the stars for orange.

I would hand pick every
yellow rose, nip
my fingers on the thorns, and see
the bead of colored liquid
resting on my fingertip.

id do absolutely anything to see
you in
full color.